Well worth seeing: New smartcelsensitive movie
  Internal: New members managing / supervisory board 
  "Fibers and Yarns": smartfiber with exhibition stand in Mumbai
  "Home Fashion Market Week": smartfiber in New York

Well worth seeing & informative: the new smartcelsensitive movie

The smartcelsensitive fiber of smartfiber AG holds the secret of natural freshness. The highlight of this fiber innovation: smartcelsensitive contains the essential trace element zinc. And zinc offers exactly what a human needs for the daily contact with textiles of all kinds: It has a cosmetic, regenerating, odor-binding, antibacterial effect and thus provides the skin with more care and protection.

But why is zinc of the utmost importance for our body? Where in everyday life do we encounter the trace element zinc? How does the effect of zinc work on our skin? How is the zinc incorporated into the smartcelsensitive cellulose fiber? Which advantages does smartcelsensitive have for the user? Which textiles are especially suited for the use of smartcelsensitive?

The new smartcelsensitive movie of smartfiber AG now answers these and many more questions about the topic “zinc in a fiber” in a demonstrative way. Experience and feel very closely the effect and advantages of the zinc fiber in a movie, that expressively interconnects the facts and feelings on the technological innovation smartcelsensitive.

Now you can watch the movie here on the website of smartfiber AG.

Scene from the
smartcelsensitive movie

Internal: Appointment of Thomas Daue as COO and Andreas Tschopp as supervisory board member

smartfiber AG approved by decision of April 5th, 2013 the appointment of Mr. Thomas Daue as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the management board. In the same meeting, Mr. Andreas Tschopp was appointed as a new member of the supervisory board.

At the same time, the supervisory board and the management board of
smartfiber AG thanked Dr.-Ing. Ralf-Uwe Bauer for his valuable work for the company. In the meantime, Dr. Bauer had retired as a management board member of smartfiber AG and does not longer work for the company.
Due to his positions at the Eastern Thuringian Materials Testing Society for Textiles and Plastics (OMPG) and the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research (TITK),
smartfiber AG will also be doing business with Dr. Bauer in the future. smartfiber AG is looking forward to continued good cooperation.
Furthermore, Dr.-Ing. Horst Bürger had resigned from his position as member of the supervisory board of
smartfiber AG on December 31st, 2012. The supervisory board and the management board of smartfiber AG also would like to thank him for the trustful cooperation and wish him all the best for his future.

Thomas Daue (photo top right), the COO, sees his main task in the realization and implementation of operational strategies – in close consultation with the CEO and the supervisory board.  
Thomas Daue was born in Berlin. He studied electrical engineering and computer science at the Technical University of Berlin. At the age of 24, he started his first company, SPECS GmbH in Berlin. The company developed into one of the world’s leading companies for high vacuum analytical instruments. During 1994 he immigrated to the USA and subsequently withdrew from SPECS GmbH. He founded several companies in the USA in the market segments of medical devices and new materials, including Smart Material Corp. and Nanonic, Inc. Nanonic, Inc. started the distribution of
smartfiber’s products in the USA and Canada in 2007.

Andreas Tschopp (photo on the left) from the Swiss company Gaydoul Group was selected as new member of the supervisory board of smartfiber AG. Since 2008, he manages the Assessment Center at Gaydoul Group. As an active investment company based on core Swiss values, Gaydoul Group engages in companies with promising future. Gaydoul Group activities encompass the premium and luxury goods market in the segments fashion, sports fashion, accessories as well as beauty and wellness.

The 48-year old Swiss Andreas Tschopp lives near Basel. Previous to his employment at Gaydoul Group, he worked for the insurance company Nationale Suisse in Basel and for UBS AG, among others, in Basel, London, Frankfurt and Zürich.


Exhibition stand at the "Fibers & Yarns" in Mumbai

From 11th to 13th of April 2013, the smartfiber AG exhibited at the Indian trade fair “Fibers & Yarns” in Mumbai.

smartfiber team with Gerhard Neudorfer, Pradeep Roongta and Viraj Roongta presented the fibers SeaCell® und smartcelsensitive to the interested industry professionals at the exhibition stand in the Expo Centre of the Mumbai World Trade Centre.

Even partner companies of
smartfiber, such as Ramco Group, Alok Industries or RSWM, showed the wide range of advantages and possibilities of smartfiber’s fibers for textiles of all kinds at their stands.

A total of 51 exhibitors showcased their novelties on the topic “fibers and yarns” in Mumbai. Over 5.000 visitors accepted the invitation to the Mumbai Expo Centre.

Fair stand Ramco Group

Fair stand Alok Industries

Fair stand RSWM

smartfiber AG on the New York
"Home Fashion Market Week"

From March 18th to the 21st smartfiber AG was represented in several showrooms of the New York "Home Fashion Market Week".

's partner companies
Lenzing AG, Trident Group, GHCL Ltd. and Indo Count Industries Ltd. presented the power fibers
SeaCell® and smartcelsensitive in their offices on Seventh Avenue – also known as Fashion Avenue.

Impressions of the New York "Home Fashion Market Week" Showrooms

Showroom GHCL Limited

Showroom Trident Group

Showroom Lenzing AG

Showroom Indo Count Industries Ltd.


Everything at a glance: smartfiber AG presents newsroom

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